Dean, Age 2.5 years.

Dean, Age 2.5 years.

In our house we have decided that even though Dean looks a lot more like Mike than he does me, his personality is alllll me. He is kind to a fault. Leo can literally hit him with a toy and Dean will still be the one to apologize. His current obsessions are emergency vehicles, a $3 lion from Target (and real ones at the zoo), his iPad, and chicken nuggets. Speaking of which, his nickname of Nugget no longer sticks.  We switched daycares a year ago and it pretty much died in transition and he now mainly answers to: Dean, Dean Dean, Dean the Bean, Bub, Buddy, Poops, and if I'm being honest "Leo! No.. Wait, Mike! ... No, Dean!". 


Dean Says:

Me: Moving slow at 6:28am to turn on the song he just requested. Dean: You tired mommy? Are you tired? *In his very concerned voice. Future Dean, mommy is always tired. Just assume if you and your brother are up or just fell asleep, I need a nap. 

Dean: *Smashes finger on something while we weren't looking right at him* Mommy! Hurt finger. Pray it! This especially warmed my heart because we have formed the habit of praying over boo boo's when they get hurt. It's always nice when you get those confirmations that things are really sinking in on their level :)

Dean: *Gets super excited about a fire truck that just passed by* Me: What is the fire truck going to do? Dean: Save a kitty. Kitty is in the tree! When ambulances go by he says that they are going to save people. Sorry fire fighters, apparently only paramedics save lives in his 2 year old version of reality. 

Me: I love you Buddy. Dean: Yuvh Yew Tew Mommy. Me: How much? Dean: BIG.


Other notable things worth mentioning:

  • He's SUPER talkative. Like, it's non stop. 
  • He can count to 10. 
  • He can sing ABC's.
  • Like Imagine Dragons, Believer. 
  • Is very in tune to other peoples emotions and will tell you if they are sad or happy. 
  • Loves watching Dino Dan and can name about 8 different dinosaurs. 
  • Loves chocolate chips. 
  • He picks what he wants to watch in the morning when Mike wakes him up. His favorites are Dino Dan, Fireman Sam, Dinosaur Train.
  • Will randomly ask for Gigi and then expects you to call her. 
  • Gives Grammy good kisses over Facetime.