Getting Dressed.

This year (I think even last year too, don't ask me how that went) Mike and I made it a goal to get up and dress nice for each other. I really like getting out of the sweats and taking off the wife beater I've had on for the last three days, but usually, when we go on a date we just drop the boys off and sprint out the door before we get wrapped into doing something else. We're also being more intentional about what we buy so before the New Year rang in (and brought spending freezes with it) I slipped in these items from Tobi! Here's what I got!'

I guess by definition, this would be a freak'um dress. I haven't owned one in a while and I figured I may as well get one to throw into the rotation of date night outfits. I gravitated towards this one because the fabric is thick (smooths out post-babies tummy) and it plays up a different asset than the one I usually show off (insert side eye emoji and the peach one too for good measure)! I feel really good in it and pairing it with blue teal velvet shoes and a peach hued faux fur just made my heart happy. I try not to take getting dressed too seriously!

Dress - TOBI // Shoes - Betsey Johnson, Ross // Fur, LA Garment District, Old.

I am a huge fan of cozy sweaters so I picked out this sweater dress, which for me, ended up being more like a long sweater which I kind of liked the idea of more than a dress so win! I'm on the slightly taller side, 5'7", so while I could have worn it as a dress with some spandex shorts or something underneath, I chose to approach it as an oversized sweater. I love it because if I'm feeling sassy with Mike it can be a dress, but if I just want to hang out with the girls it's the perfect sweater for watching a movie or getting a drink in!

Sweater Dress - TOBI // Skirt, Old w/out tag // Shoes - Converse

I am SO obsessed with bodysuits right now and would be totally happy if they were the only shirt that I ever wore. I am thrilled that they are having a moment again. I chose this one to be a staple in my wardrobe. I paired it here with high waisted skinny jeans but it would be just as cute with a midi skirt or flares. Throw a blazer on and you're good to go for work. It's just a winner!

Bodysuit - TOBI // Jeans - Levi's

Anybody else trying to simplify and consolidate their closets? If you are, let me know and give me all your tips, okay? Thanks!