Beep! Beep!

A few weeks ago we were on our way home when we saw a sign for Touch-A-Truck at a park that we take Dean to by our house. I looked it up and knew it would be the a great activity to take Nug to. He's almost one and a half so we have been searching for more activities that we can do to burn off some of that built up toddler energy on the weekends. The fact that this was near by, on a Saturday morning, and outside made it a no-brainer. I've got to admit that I am pro team sun for wearing out an active toddler (we keep him hydrated)! 

We talked to him about trucks for the few days leading up to it to get him excited, but the day of he was mostly just sleepy so we made the best of it. It was packed but he still got the chance to walk through some trucks and beep the horns, his favorite part. Are there events like this where you live? Any Alpharetta/Atlanta mama's that have the heads up on events like this let me know! I'm trying to do better at taking advantage of all these free activities for kiddos in my area. This one was definitely a good time and only makes me more excited for when the boys can experience it all together. 

Nug is completely obsessed with dogs. He can spot one a mile away before we see it and the only way we know that one is near by is by him yelling "woof, woof!". He's got a deep love for them... as long as they aren't that close. Talking him into touching them is challenging and even if he turns into a punk when they come close, he will proudly strut his stuff while walking away like he just made the dog his best friend. It's the silliest/cutest thing ever. 

I rarely appear in pictures with Dean because I'm always taking them so this one means a lot. I'm going to start tossing the camera to Mike more often!

This is probably my favorite picture of Dean as a toddler. He was not in the mood for any of this this day but sitting in the fire truck and beeping the horn was his fave. It's so odd that in this picture, I still see my baby but also a teenager at the same time. #ImNotReady

We are falling more in love with our little suburb. Are there any Alpharetta moms that would like me to share here when events are coming up? If so, just let me know!