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Seventeen Months w/ Dean.

Akia Rene1 Comment
Seventeen Months w/ Dean.

There's nothing like a new baby to make you feel super shady for neglecting your oldest on the blog. I just realized that Dean really hasn't had any sort of update so here goes!

Nug is currently:

  • Obsessing over Elmo. He dropped Curious George like a bad habit and hasn't looked back since. We can't go a day without watching at least two Sesame Street episodes. 
  • Can work an iPad like a pro and knows had to get to all of his favorite apps on his own. And if we're out, he will happily take Mike or my cell phone and can find his apps their too. 
  • He is signing 'all done' and 'more'! He is starting a new daycare soon and sign language is apart of the curriculum so I'm looking forward to seeing this aspect of his learning grow! I will tell you though, 'all done' and 'more' have gotten us pretty far while he is learning to communicate.
  • He's learning words faster than I can keep up with, but I would say his favorite words are no, Leo (Yee-Yoh), Elmo, Mama, and Dada. Plus, he just learned Gigi! Grammy we are still working on yours, I promise!
  • Seems like he is growing all of his teeth at once. I can't count because he will bite me. 
  • Loves being outside and playing (even though he has allergies and gets super swollen when he gets bug bites). Footballs and basketballs are his fave. We even have a goal set up in our kitchen right now.
  • In Mike's exact words, "He's just so awesome".
  • He is an amazing big brother. He shakes bottles, tells Leo it's oh-tah (ok) when he's crying, and holds/cuddles him while I make his bottle. He's seriously the bomb. 
  • He can identify so many animals and their sounds and sometimes we don't even see the animal until he's woofing like a dog because he sees one a mile away. His elephant impression is the cutest right now. 
  • He didn't start walking really well until about a month after his birthday but now he is super fast and even runs backwards. Also, he's super clumsy like his mama!

Grandpa Gregg (my dad) recently moved from Georgia :( but is still one of Nug's favorite people. Who else will hook up a bucket to pull you around the yard in?

His first birthday party at daycare. Shirt by Swanky Shank!

His last sleep before turning one. Yep, I was that mama creeping in with a camera after he fell asleep. No shame.

We got up and went to get him pancakes and sausage for his first meal as a one year old and as you can see he was over it. 

Nug's first hair cut! He hated getting his hair detangled so off it went!

Lot's of cuddles with Leo. He loves him so much! It's amazing to witness even this early on. 

From this past weekend when we took Nug to see Sesame Street Live at the Fox Theatre. I have so many good memories going there to see various performances so it melted my heart to be able to start taking Dean. 

We love you Big Boo!