Before both boys, Mike and I made it a priority to get out of town for a little while. Babies are huge shifts in your life and sometimes you just need a little get away to appreciate your partner before the time comes. I do believe that things like babymoon's and push presents are a relatively new sensation, but I ain't mad at them :) 

We've kept it pretty close to home for our babymoon's. With Dean's we took a trip back to Dallas (that city will always be one of my faves) and with Leo's we headed to New Orleans. It just so happened that I failed planning a trip to Arizona (read: budgets were tight and we had a one year old), but we had a wedding to attend in New Orleans and since we had to go anyway we figured we might as well use this as our getaway. We spent our long weekend in a super charming Airbnb. It really was a gem and there were so many things within it that I just wanted to take home. The vintage textiles in the perfectly staged, but super comfortable, living room were my fave. 

We are super simple people. We slept, ate amazing food with great company (Our  good friend's from California were also in town for the wedding), hit some outlets, and then the zoo. Zoo's are kind of our thing and I can't wait to start including the boys!

I am so in love with all the white walls and black trim and doors! It's so classic but then the textiles bring in such warmth and color. In. Love. The boho/vintage vibes were everything my dreams are made of. 

I am ashamed to say that I am JUST now getting half way through this book. It is soooo good and I've been trying to make more time to finish it. It just when the babies are asleep, it's hard to convince yourself to stay up, no matter how tempting it seems. I value my sleep more than most things.

This place was seriously a relaxing haven for our weekend. Below are some snaps of what we ate and the zoo, too!

Seriously, every thing we ate was amazing. The poor boys were from Parkway Bakery and Tavern and the brunch was from Ruby Slipper Cafe! I would definitely recommend both!

I will jump on any alone time that I get to spend with Mike, but I can't recommend enough how special the time is together before you welcome a baby. If for nothing else than to have something to look back on as a sweet moment in the sometimes bumpy times to come ahead. Babies are amazing but they have a way to pull out every single emotion in you. So get out and enjoy some "y'all time"!