Dear Baby: April 20th.

Dear Baby: April 20th.

I haven't wrote you a letter since you've been with us but today seemed like a day that I just couldn't let pass without saying hi. You are one today, Nug. I've said that sentence over and over for the last few days, even weeks, trying to grasp my mind around how I could possibly have a one year old and it didn't hit me until last night.

Your dad and I had just put you down for the night. We crept back into your room to take one last picture as you slept (yes, I had to) to document your last night as our infant. We got in and out without waking you up and when we got back in bed I started laughing about how I hadn't cried yet and then there the tears were. I knew it would hit me eventually. 

I promise you baby boy that they were tears of joy. Tears of gratefulness that God has brought you (and your daddy and I) this far. You are amazing. You are dancing and feeding yourself now. You are getting more comfortable with the idea of walking but haven't decided to commit to it just yet. You still seem to find your way into our bed every morning and you don't know it yet but you'll be sharing that space with a little brother soon. You are the light for so many around you and you have brought our whole entire family closer together while doing nothing else but being yourself. 

As you've grown your personality is starting to take shape and I can see all the things I prayed for while I carried you coming to fruition. You are strong and determined but are also the sweetest boy I've ever met. You have also molded this mama into a more patient and confident wife, daughter, sister, and friend. We are all so much better with you around and I know that you will continue to have this effect on our lives. 

Nug, we love you more than you can imagine. Thanks for being the one to make two lovers a mom and dad for the first time. Thanks for being the laughter in a room when we don't feel like smiling. Thanks for being my baby boy. 

PS: Seeing him at one week vs fifty two... too much for this mama to handle. I'm off to cry in a corner some where!