Family Time in San Francisco, CA.

Family Time in San Francisco, CA.

Way to long ago we took our usual cross country trip to spend time with our California family. We live for these trips as they are the best way to reconnect with our family and have a lots of fun. We've been making a serious effort to plan more time out there and to make our time out their more intentional. As much as simply relaxing is amazing, I also love making brand new memories with Dean and it's super special when our family is involved as well. Now, to get to planning! 

In the meantime, here are pictures from our last trip to California!

Seriously, if we could move our current home to San Francisco I would. I would love to live among all the pastel colored homes. They are all way too good. 

Mike, Jake and I all went through training for our current jobs together so it was amazing to be able to catch up when we can. It just so happened that Jake and his girlfriend Kristen were staying a block or two from his Dad's house while we were in town. It was perfect. 

The gorgeous Kristin who loves baby Dean and it's the sweetest to see them together. 

Macaron's are always a good idea. Always. 

Four generations of male Ng's! It's so amazing getting to see everyone together. 

Nugget is so blessed to have these two in his life. They love him so much!

This is the last family picture we took together. I hope to make taking one when we go out there a regular thing! 

To wrap it up, the cutest baby ever getting a sink bath. Does it get any sweeter?