Here's to Us - Year One!

You made me promise that I wouldn't get you any presents or even buy a card so I agreed. You said our vacation was our mutual gift for each other from ourselves and that would be enough. Which it totally is... but I wouldn't be your wife if I didn't slightly bend the rules and write you this post. And because you never accepted the invite to become an editor on the blog that I sent you years ago you surely won't see this until it goes live. So I'm only half way breaking my promise because a blog post is only kind of like a card. 


When I married you a year ago I promised I'd always start and finish with you. I pray that I'm holding up my end of the bargain. This year we've done so much. We got pregnant, both got new jobs, sold the condo, bought a house, had our little nugget, and so much more. Please believe me when I say I wouldn't trade this year with you for a million lifetimes with anyone else. You're the alpha in our wolf pack and I love it. I am so proud to be your wife and so honored that you chose me to do life with. I couldn't ask for much more than the way you support and encourage me. You tell me I beautiful when I don't believe it, dry my tears when I feel like I'm caving, and say "ok, but we need to tighten next month" every month when I see something that I swear I just have to have. Dean and I are so lucky to have you to lean on and I pray that you feel supported by us a well. We love you more than all the fish nuggets in all the Trader Joe's across America. You are my everything.

^ Our first dance & first dance song! ^