Weekly Dean v.8.

TWO MONTHS! I get so excited when we hit the month marks. It's a celebration of Dean's life but it's also when Mike and I look at each other and say something along the lines of, "We've done it for another month"! It's nice that the baby is getting older but the real accomplishment is that you've kept them alive and thriving! Does that sound weird? Maybe it's a first time parent thing but every day that passes, let alone a month, with no major problems seems like a major job well done. This week Dean joined in on family nap time and everything else he did doesn't even seem worth a mention because Mike and I prayed we would have a kid that cooperated with family nap time (yes, we are serious about our naps) and it wasn't looking good in that frontier... until Sunday. In other less important news he also got changed in a public bathroom for the first time and sat in a restaurant for our whole entire meal without crying. Granted, his Gigi held him the whole time but I'll take it!