Baby's First Month Essentials

We recently hit the first month mark with Dean and I figured I would share what made our first month a little bit smoother than I expected or bought us an extra minute or two of sleep! When I was researching what things to get before babies arrival, I read reviews and these are things that I saw came highly recommended or I bought late night on Amazon after realizing it was absolutely necessary! 

ONE // These zip up onesies are what we bought to bring Dean home from the hospital in. I scoured Etsy for weeks on end looking for the perfect set to bring him home in but after reading posts from a few experienced moms they recommended something easy so baby doesn't have to deal with the extra fuss. It was so easy to get him dressed to come home (he slept through it) and they are perfect for taking him to the doctors office because our pediatrician requires him to get down to a diaper. Seriously, at least buy one. They are always on sale online. I have yet to find them in store but they are worth ordering online. I will make sure Dean always has at least two in every size. 

TWO // This was one of those one a.m. Amazon purchases. Long before Dean was born I bought myself the Solly Baby wrap (next item) but it wasn't easy for Mike to put on and wear with confidence. For us to get something done or to soothe Dean this is the easiest way. The Baby Bjorn One was the perfect carrier for Mike to get use out of. We got the mesh one and its light and easy to wear. This also makes running errands super easy! Dean recently started to dislike being confined to his car seat/stroller so we take this every time we leave the house just in case. 

THREE // This is the wrap that I got for myself. I came across them on Instagram, dove into the rabbit hole of their entire feed, and decided to try one out. I love it! I can wear Dean super close to me (this wrap is more feels a lot more like skin to skin than wearing him in a carrier like the Baby Bjorn) and it's a sure fire way to get him to go to sleep if he's being fussy. There is a bit of a learning curve in wrapping it but it's definitely worth it and the brand has video tutorials on their website.

FOUR // This was another purchase we realized we needed during a late night feeding session. Dean had a bassinet next to our bed (that is now kept down stairs in the living room) but we all seemed to like being a little closer together. For Mike and I, having him in the bed is easier to put him down after feedings without waking him and I think he likes being able to see us. This co-sleeper was a happy medium to having him close without feeling like I could roll on him in the middle of the night. This is one of those things that is worth purchasing and seeing if it works for you! 

FIVE // I had Amazon Prime before Dean was born because I have the tendency to shop online a lot. It's always been great for buying things that you need soon but don't necessarily want to go to the store and pick up. Yep, I'm that lazy sometimes. In the first few weeks of Dean's life leaving the house didn't even seem like an option so this was perfect. I ordered bottle nipples, bottles, a bottle drying rack, extra pacifiers (where do they all go?!), and so much more. Prime offers free two day shipping, cheap one day shipping, and now even offers same day shipping in some areas (Atlanta included)! Seriously, at least get a free trial and use it during the first month. Thank me later. 

SIX // Oh, the Mamaroo. This is one of those purchases that I admittedly wanted because they have gotten really popular. It seemed as if every mom blog I read had one for their infant and they all sang its praises. I lucked up and found the previous model (they just released a new one) on sale at a children's boutique so I didn't feel bad about spending the dollars. While Dean was not too big of a fan of it when he was younger, once he hit the 3 week mark this has been my saving grace for taking a quick shower or putting him to sleep while I catch some extra z's in the morning! It is pricey so cross your fingers to find it on sale or put it one your baby shower registry!

SEVEN // We lucked up and moved into a neighborhood with great people when I was about six months pregnant. They brought us gifts when we moved in and for our housewarming and I seriously thought they couldn't get any better. That is until they dropped off homemade and frozen lunches/dinners and it was a GOD SEND! Seriously your brain is so foggy when you first get home with a newborn the last thing you want is to have the bewildered 'So what are we going to eat' conversation. If you're expecting or know someone who is stock up on frozen foods (or easy to reheat homemade dishes) and gift them to the new parents/yourself. They/you will be eternally grateful.

EIGHT // These swaddles were another item I had heard about just because they are super popular with mommy bloggers. However, they also come with a pricey price tag. I put a bunch of them in different patterns on my registry and got most of them! I don't have any other swaddle to compare them too but these are super soft (and get softer every wash)! They are also pretty big so they are good for draping over the couch when we are hanging out, using as blankets, or placing on the floor for tummy time. 

NINE // Our UPPAbaby Vista stroller system is seriously our best investment. We have the stroller, the car seat, the bassinet, and the toddler seat for when he gets a little older. The cool thing about it as well is that you can attach another seat once another baby comes into the picture and since Mike and I know we want another in the near-ish future this was huge for us. It rides super smooth and he falls asleep on every walk we take in it. The car seat by UPPAbaby is by far the easiest thing to install and makes trips that less stressful because it clicks right into the stroller. 

So there you have it! My top nine essentials for getting through the first month a little bit easier. I hope this helps some expecting mamas or mamas in those first few week trenches. Let me know if you get something off the list or have other things that worked amazing for you!!