Weekly Dean v.5.

Dean is five weeks this week and I swear sometimes when we're hanging out I get glimpses of what I think he'll be in the future. Sweet and humorous but a little bit stubborn. This is also our last week of freedom together before I start back to work next week and we go back to living for the weekends. Of which, he is still not completely used to the whole sleeping in and taking it easy thing but we're making progress. Here are this weeks stats!

At five weeks, Dean:

  1. Made it difficult on daddy's night shift duties and only slept for two hours at a time. We're going to call it a growth spurt. 
  2. Went to dinner to celebrate his Uncle Gregg off to Ireland for a summer internship.
  3. Facetimed with his Grandma Pat (Mike's mom). 
  4. Got acquainted with his new Baby Bjorn we bought for dad and likes it!
  5. Is refusing daytime naps. Get it together Dean! Mama and daddy need those.