A Gift Guide for The Dads.

Father's day is creeping up on us and we all know that men are nearly impossible to get gifts for. I thought that it was just my own father that was hard to shop for. Every occasion, whether it have been his birthday, Father's Day, or Christmas, I was always greeted by something along the lines of, "I have you guys and that's all I need" when I asked him what he wanted. Now that my husband is a dad I realize that that sentiment seems to come with the territory. And while it's sweet, it doesn't exactly help. In an effort to help all the moms and daughters and sons of the world, here are some ideas of what you can get the dad in your life. 

ONE // Admittedly, when I first saw this duffle I wanted it for myself. I have a thing for nice leather and this bag is perfect! If the dad in your life loves to travel or you want to get use out of the gift as well (hey! I won't tell if you don't tell) this is the perfect gift. He can carry his stuff in style and like him, the leather will only looks better the older it gets! Like fine wine!

TWO // This one is definitely a home run in my family. We have gotten my grandfather Home Depot gift cards for as long as I can remember and every year it's still his favorite gift (behind cold hard cash). Now that Mike has started tackling chores around the house that require power tools, this was the first thing on his list when I asked him what he might want. 

THREE // I am the biggest fan of personalized gifts. I love the idea of having your child right a message or a word with a special meaning and then having it made into a key chain. It's not girly enough for dad to stick in a drawer and because it'll be with his car keys he'll always have a reminder that he's loved. We all could use a little reminder every now and then, right? Right. 

FOUR // I know, I know. Every dad get's ties for every occasion. However, an outfit that you put together for him to wear with a nice tie that you bought for a night on the town or a nice Father's Day dinner would be nice! I pulled together a few outfits for Mike for his bachelor party in Vegas and he felt and looked good in them. It's easier to have a good time if you don't have to be the one thinking about what to wear. We ladies know it and it goes for guys too!

FIVE // This is probably the most practical gift on the board. Mophie's are phone cases that provide an extra charge for your phone. There are few things in our day and age worse than a phone that has died before lunch time. Mike's current Mophie is a hand-me-down from one of my old phones and he is due for an upgrade!

SIX // The Big Green Egg. Another semi-selfish gift but it's okay because Mike wants one too! It's summer time and most of us are itching for ribs and steaks cooking on the grill... Except we don't have one. I've heard great things about The Big Green Egg so if you're in the market for a grill this summer maybe this is the right one!

SEVEN // I love cards. Mike proposed with a series of cards and they will always hold a special place in my heart. There's something so amazing about having something handwritten from someone you love in an age of texts and likes. 

EIGHT // With summer around the corner (and many places feeling like summer already) a nice new pair of swim trunks fits the bill!

NINE // Yes night. After binge watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix, Mike and I were a little intrigued by a yes night they had in one of the episodes. The premise of a yes night is simple. For the entire allotted time, both parties have to say yes to whatever the other suggests. Bake cookies while dancing to Earth, Wind and Fire naked? Yes. Run through the mall singing Kanye's top hits? Yes. This is a free gift that's lots of fun!