Dear Dean,

I guess this is my first letter to you since you've been on the outside. First let me say having you here is easily the most incredible yet terrifying thing I've ever done. What I mean is that you are amazing. At one month old I already have melted into you a thousand times over every time I see you smile. And with that smile comes the fact that I never want to go a day without seeing it or knowing that you are somewhere happy living your truth. I hope that your truth includes loving God with your whole heart and being a friend when there is one in need. I pray that your truth finds you love and adventures that take you across this globe and fill your heart with wonder. I know I may regret saying this one day (as I'll surely miss you) but I hope your wings some days itch for the sky. Exploring this world has brought your dad and I so much joy and I can't wait to hear the stories of your journeys. 

I guess I just want you t