Weekly Dean v.4.

Our little nugget is one month old! How does time possibly move so fast? I thought days flew by before I was pregnant. Not all of them, but I always felt blessed when a day flew by while working in the office or traveling for business. But now, I would really like time to pump it's breaks a bit. I've got a baby to smother with kisses.

At four weeks, Dean:

  1. Is starting to enjoy his baths! 
  2. Relaxed with Gigi for 7 hours while mama and dad went on a day date and slept the entire time (only to wake up and party all night for us, of course)!
  3. Waited to the weekend to sleep in two and a half hour bursts. Could someone please tell this child that weekends are valued and are for sleeping in?! Or just sleeping in general. 
  4. Watched his dad use the lawn mower for the first time. 
  5. Is starting to like his Mamaroo and will even nap in it for up to 45 minutes. Long enough for mama to snag a nap or a hot shower. Win. 

^ A look behind the scenes of dad soothing Dean between takes. Someone does not like being taken off of a boob for a photoshoot. Noted. ^