Weekly Dean v.3

At three weeks, Dean:

  1. Has gained almost a pound and grew a half an inch! He's growing right before our eyes and as much as I enjoy it I also know its not going to slow down and that makes me kinda, okay really, sad. 
  2. Met the neighbors that have been spoiling him since before he was here. Since he's arrived they've brought us dinners and more presents and we are soooo grateful. Seriously, if you have a friend that just became or is soon becoming a mama dropping off a dinner/lunch is the way to go. It was good to have one less thing to try and figure out. 
  3. Helped me celebrate my first Mother's Day. 
  4. Seems to have tripled his appetite. He is either on my boob or has a bottle in his mouth it seems. 
  5. Met his uncle Gregg (my brother) for the first time and it melted my heart just a little bit. 

I thought I'd add that little gem in there this week for the sake of keeping it real. As cute as he is, kid can scream and let loose with the best of them. But if I'm being honest... His cry face is pretty cute too!