He's here! If you follow along on Facebook or Instagram then you know that last Monday, the 20th, Mike and I welcomed our son Dean Michael into the world. I plan on sharing his birth story in another post but after 5 days in the hospital we are all at home and everything feels completely different yet like its always been this way at the same time. I decided to be an ambitious mama and do a photo a week of baby Dean as a way to have something awesome to look back on but also as a way to share his updates with family that's far away. 

At one week, Dean:

  1. Was born, yay! 6lbz 8oz and 21.25 inches long.
  2. Has slept in 4 hour stretches at night. Now to keep that magic going.
  3. Got this cool octopus from his Gigi.
  4. Survived getting lots of shots in his teeny tiny thighs.
  5. Makes lots of funny faces that make mama and daddy giggle.