Friendsgiving 2015.

This year my friends and I decided that we should have a Friendsgiving dinner. Friendsgiving while new to some, has been around for a while. It's a nice way to set aside some time for friends before Thanksgiving comes around and every one dashes to be with their families. Because we were planning to host around 14 people, our home was the perfect fit! In years to come, naturally more friends will be made but I would say 14 people was the perfect number. It was intimate but there were still lots of conversations and fun to be had!

So that all the pressure wouldn't be put on Mike and I to cook a full course meal for all of the guests, every couple brought their favorite dish or two! In the end, we had a pretty nice spread! We had the traditional Thanksgiving fare but also had dishes like beer can chicken and pasta shells. I'll detail some of the things we got at the bottom of the post! 


Wooden Table | Wooden Bench & Cushion | Shorter Chairs | High Back Chairs | Vintage Oval Dining Table | Blue Bench - Home Goods | Taupe Studded Chairs - Home Goods | Gold Shelf - Vintage


Pink Plus Rug - Rugs USA | Blue Ikat Rug - Home Goods | Table Runners - Hobby Lobby | Glasses - Vintage | Candle Holders - Vintage | Hot Pink Candles | Vases - Hobby Lobby | Flowers - Hobby Lobby | Paper Coasters - Hobby Lobby | Gold Coasters - Vintage | Gold Plastic Silverware | Square Plates | Bowls 

Photo Backdrop:

Burgundy Sheer Curtain - Thrifted | Gold Fringe - Hobby Lobby | Pink Fringe Garland


Cake Plate - Thrifted | Orange Cranberry Margaritas (these were a hit!!!) | Patio Chairs | Pink shelf (actually an old head board) - Thrifted

 I think that sums everything up guys! I did my best to include links to anything we purchased. Did you host a Friendsgiving this year? Are you going to? I've heard that some people host them after the holidays as well, which seems like a great idea because you could just bring left overs! If you're shopping for holiday decor (this would be great for Christmas too) Hobby Lobby is a great place to start as everything we bought there was 50% off!