Review: Tommee Tippee Simplee Diaper Pail.

Review: Tommee Tippee Simplee Diaper Pail.

As a family, we have become pretty obsessed with Tommee Tippee products. As you might remember, a few months ago they sent over some of their bottles for us to try and we got hooked. No really, he has four that are strictly for daycare, another 6 or so that we use around the house and Gigi has a set for herself for when Dean is over there. It took us a couple different tries with bottles to find one that worked but I'm happy to report that we are still in love with them! About a month ago they sent us over their Simplee Diaper Pail to try out and it's safe to say we're a fan of that now too. 

Before we received the Simplee Diaper Pail we were using a random diaper bucket that we found at Buy Buy Baby. Our selection process was solely based on what would fit in with our decor and wasn't covered in pastel baby colors. The funny thing is, we thought we didn't have that big of an issue with it. It was big, it closed, and was white so it ticked off all the check marks. There was a little smell in his room (being totally honest!) when he had a few especially full diapers but other than that no big deal. Or so we thought! I think in actuality we must have been living in a Febreeze commercial and we were the nose blind family. So after a month or so living with it here's what we think!

This thing is small but mighty. It's about half the size of the one we had before. I feel like we could go weeks (not literally) without changing the bag in the previous diaper bucket. Being smaller, we have to change it every 3 to 4 days. Dean is in daycare so they do most of the diaper changing during the day so there are less diaper changes at home. The box it says it holds about 18 size 1 diapers and even though Dean is in size 3 now I would say I feel it's pretty accurate. I just changed the bag this morning and there were 14 size 3 diapers in it. Yes, I counted through dirty diapers just for you! 

It's pretty impressive how well it contains the smells. Dean is currently on meds for an ear infection and anyone who has had a baby on medication knows their bodies can produce some pretty potent smells. There are no lingering smells with this bad boy. The magic is all in the way that pail is sealed. The top clicks shut but there is also a trap door of sorts that contains smells. You push the diaper through the door and diapers live in their contained baggie until it's time to change the bag! 

At first we thought that the size was going to be a downer. After living with it definitely isn't and having a smaller diaper pail is totally worth the trade off of having a wonderful smelling baby's room at all times! Also to note, you have to use refills with this pail. The good news is that they aren't expensive and Amazon has them on sale! Win. 

If you give this diaper pail a try let me know! Are you using one that's works especially good for you? I'd love to know!