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Hey There Handsome.

lifeAkia ReneComment

Dear Bunny,

If I had to sum up the emotions that I've been feeling about you over the last couple of weeks it would be grateful. While there is so much good going on we also know that the last few weeks have presented quite a few ups and downs as well. Nothing we can't fight through together and mostly just life's waves. I suppose it's God's way of keeping us humble in the midst of everything we have going on. 

Speaking of which, can I just say how proud I am of you? I have always looked at you as strong. You are fiercely protective of me and will go out of your way to make sure that everything is okay in my little world. If I'm going through something your hugs offer up a safe place. But it's not until this week that I've really sat back and admired all that you do. You are currently juggling a full time job (that you are rocking out), a wife (who is pregnant and emotional... and sleepy. really sleepy), prepping a condo to be sold, and getting the new house ready. You are the closest thing to Superman I've seen in real life. 

I'm sure in other relationships people notice these same traits in their partner over time. They spend their first year or two thankful for the things around the house. The next year or so thankful for how they are with the kids and so on. While overwhelmed and often on the verge of tears with emotions of thankfulness, I wouldn't trade our timing for anything and I'm glad I get to experience all of this at once. It's nothing short of incredible. 

Each morning when my alarm wakes me before you I pray for you. That God continues to present Himself to you. That He continues to cover you with His grace. That He helps me articulate in words and in action how much you mean to me so that you never have to wonder. 

Bunny, there's a reason you have seemed to surpass me as favorite grand kid (which is a hard task, no lie.). You are one in a million and everyone can see it. 

Love always, biscuit xoxo