If you're friends with either Mike or I on Facebook or Instagram, you know by now that we just purchased our first home together! Guys, there is no amount of words that could justify how truly excited we are. We know that all thanks goes to God on providing for us in ways that we could never imagine. One of the messages from our pastor that stands out when I think about this season in our lives is, "remember Who it's from and Who it's for". I pray that as Mike and I grow into this house we stay grounded in the fact that Jesus is the reason. 

I can't wait to share with you guys our journey on getting this house because it was a roller coaster. We went from finding what we thought was our dream house back in June and have loved and hated a lot of houses since then. We've kept our house hunt on the low because seriously, it was hard enough to fall in love with a house and then watch it slip through your fingers without getting family and friends in on the emotional ride too. But we made it to the finish line with a home that will be perfect for us to grow into.

My plans are to share with you tips for house hunting, aka how not to fall into a deep depression when the house you love gets a full price offer before you can even finish the walk through. We'll also be back to share some before and after photos so you can see our progress as we tackle some of the projects we have in mind. It promises to be a really fun ride and we're hoping you'll stick around to be a part of it with us (and then maybe come have mimosa's with us in celebration... after Dean is born, of course!)!