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Some Other Things Happened.

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Happy New Year guys and gals! A special thanks to all of you that have followed our journey over the last almost two years of posting. Or has it already been two years? I have no idea but let's blame it on the mommy brain? Yep, let's do that. Today marks the start of 2015 but it also marks two years that Mike and I have been together. I still find it crazy to think of all that we have accomplished together in such a short amount of time. We are both looking forward to what 2015 has to offer but I figured I should share some of the moments from 2014 that kind of slipped by unnoticed (aka un-blogged about). Let's get straight to it! Oh, as a note, these may not be in chronological order but I say we blame that on mom brain too. Got it? Good!

^ A trip work trip that Mike took to Pittsburgh that I tagged along for offered this pretty genuine tidbit: God may delay our request but He will never disappoint our trust. I would say I definitely concur. ^

^ This super McDreamy guy I know assisting at an engagement shoot. He helped with all but one of my shoots this year and acted as bag carrier, prop holder, light test, and the best motivation ever. ^

^ The pictures I took the moments after finding out we were indeed pregnant are some of my favorite. ^

^ Oh, do I remember this day! We took a train up into the mountains of North Georgia. I was only a month or two pregnant and pretty much napped the whole time. On the train, in the car, how my grandparents didn't catch on is still a mystery. We were still waiting to get further along before telling them. ^

^ This gorgeous arrangement was from a Blogshop workshop I volunteered to assist with! The photos were all this dreamy and it really is a shame I haven't posted them. Maybe one day! ^

^ These collections of photos are another I mentally kick myself for not posting. They are from our time in Italy for our honeymoon. In true fashion, I have yet to edit and sort through them. In my defense I probably took close to two thousand pictures so it's a bit intimidating. But I promise, if you ever are passing through Georgia, I'll have them printed and will talk you through them! ^

^ Mike and his little brother Tyler at his last home game of his high school career. ^

^ A trip to Utah to visit Mike's younger brother Cameron (#46) and his best friend and their family! ^

^ We made our annual trip to Orlando the week before Christmas. This year we went to SeaWorld! We also stopped by the CIty Walk at Universal to have Burgushi and Cowfish. Google it. Best stuff ever. ^

^ To close out the year we made our trip to California to visit Mike's family as usual. These photos are from Christmas Eve dinner. I love this time with them so much. And how cute is Mike's littlest brother? ^

So that wraps it up! Thanks again for the support in 2014. Can't wait to share more this year!