Our Wedding: The Video

Now is the point in time where I finally over share our wedding. I had this idea in my head that everything would slow down after all the wedding planning was over. Ha! I was seriously mistaken. Work got... interesting, we got sick, and have spent more time apart (it seems) due to work than we did when we were in two different states. Add to that life happening and trying to buy a house (short sale, ugh.) and it starts to get me at least some pity points for being so absent, right? In my head I heard a resounding yes so let's move on to the good stuff!

About a month ago we got the highlight video from our wedding and it amazing! Through the actual day so many good things are happening. Your families get to meet, the anticipation is making you crazy, and you are counting down the seconds until it's just you and him standing there. We chose Ashley + Matt, owners of Hampton Road Studios, as our videographers and it was the best decision I think I made. Everyone in our families watch the highlight over and over. It's become a bed time story of sorts. So I'll stop blabbing here and share it with you! 

Seriously, if you are getting married and are considering a videographer, just do it. Specifically, hire Ashley and Matt. They are amazing to work with and by the end of it all you'll probably have gained two pretty good friends.