Dear Baby : Sept 20

We are 10 weeks. I can almost see the end our our first trimester and I am counting it down like nobodies business. What's the nicest way to put it? You have kicked my ass. The crazy thing is though, is that with all of the mom blogs I've read with their recounts of each trimester, I know that you have been treating me well. Despite throwing up a little in the morning you and I are good to go. Except for when I put on my sweet voice, ask your dad to pick me up food, and then you make me throw it up. Not cool little one.

But we still love you a lot around these parts. We have seen you by ultrasound twice now and every time is sweeter than the last. You're taking shape but what gets me the most is your dad's reaction to you. Sweet baby, if this is a sign of what is to come I'm the luckiest girl and you're a pretty blessed kid because he loves you to the point of tears.

I pray for you multiple times a day and through the night. That you'll grow up knowing what love looks like. That you'll be healthy and strong. One of the reoccurring prayers though is more about your dad and I. I pray that we will live life in such a way that shows you that with God you can do anything and have whatever your heart desires.

Keep cooking, McBeans (what we so lovingly call you... sometimes).