What You Heard Was Right.

One of my favorite images that my favorite photographer, Bri McDaniel, shot at our wedding! This was apart of our preview!

I was once told that when you become man and wife, as two God fearing Jesus Followers, the devil will do everything he can to tear you apart. I took the words in but never believed it. I can say now, only two and a half weeks into our marriage, that I believe it whole heartedly. While these weeks have been the best of my life they have also presented challenges. Not with Mike and I but with just about every outside factor I can imagine. Cracked iPhone screen, check. Disappointing news, check. Every little thing feels like it's being poked at. I take very conscious effort to remember that they are just that. Little things. But, true to His promise, God has showered so many blessings on us. Our faith is only being made stronger. This guy of mine has proved I couldn't have been blessed with a better partner in life. As long as I have him by my side I have a pretty good feeling we'll be okay.