We did it y'all! We are husband and wife and nothing in my life has ever felt more right. I will spill more details of our wedding when we get the photos & videos back, but to set the mood, we got married at Ambient Plus Studio in Atlanta, GA on July 5th! We were surrounded by so many people who love us and it was incredible. We had popsicles, temporary tattoos, and a little glow stick rave action to end the night. It was perfect.

We ended the night being driven to the hotel by a close family friend. He dropped us off at the W and we wound down from the night exchanging memories as we rested on each other and laughing at group chats with our friends. I feel like I wanted to tell Mike everything I could remember right then for some hope that speaking it would commit it to memory even better. It really is true when they say it will all be over before you know it. As a lifestyle and wedding photographer, I thought I had a basis for how fast it would go, but nothing truly prepares you for it when you are the main attraction.

The next day Mike and I packed up and headed out to Italy! Guys, I'll be back with so many posts about Italy it will make your brain spin but it was epic! After so many months of planning I can not begin to describe how nice it felt to unwind with my husband and forget all the stress leading up to the day. Did I say stress? I meant excitement! Having ten days alone with my guy reminded me what we did everything for. For us. For two families that are now one and proved (so fiercely on our wedding day) that we really are all better for having each other. We are the lucky one's.