Life Lately.

We have been busy in these parts. This week was a blur of work stress and skipped gym days but its finally Friday. Instead of simply writing how busy we were I thought I'd share with you what we've been up to with images. Because let's face it, that paints a much prettier picture. That top image is from a wedding I shot in Savannah, GA as Bri McDaniel's second shooter. This week has been full of editing the images. It was my first full blown wedding and it was an amazing experience. You can see her post on it here! Bri is super talented and I'm a little biased because she will be our wedding photographer.

^^ Seriously, the most gorgeous Bride and Groom ever. ^^

^^ I shot and helped coordinate a baby shower for this lovely momma as well! It was a full blown experience. Felicia McCall from Soigne + Swank (my good friend and wedding designer) brought me on board to take pictures of the entire process. It was pretty amazing day and momma had a great time. ^^

^^ We've been working on get my/our photography business up and running. This includes becoming an official business, buying new domains, and building a whole new online presence. I'm working on a whole new website and the beauty of it is digging up images like this one for NiRa Boutique to feature in it. ^^

Whew! In addition, I had a work trip to Tampa, FL to tackle. Photo deadlines to make. Work projects to complete. You know, in writing it doesn't seem like too much but let me tell you, this week will not be missed. It did however, show me what it's like to push yourself harder for what you really want. Oh! How could I forget? I also made the investment in a Canon 5D Mark III that I am anxiously waiting to be shipped to me. I can not wait. It was definitely the cherry on top of this week. Now, to enjoy this weekend with the Mister.