NG Eats: Union Hill Kitchen, Chamblee, GA


Don't you love when you find something really good right in your back yard? Mike and I surely do, especially when it's a delicious new place to eat! We had walked by before and decided that we would finally give it a try today for lunch. Definitely the right move.

We were actually met by the chef as we walked in. His name is Alexis and he definitely did a good job of making us feel welcome. He pointed us to where we could order and we were good to go. The menu had a lots of good options but Mike and I were both immediately drawn to the meatloaf. Naturally, (because he's so stinking nice) he let me order the meatloaf and he went with the salmon sandwich.

They were both home runs. The meatloaf was good but the star was the mashed garlic potatoes and the peas that tasted like they had been cooked in bacon fat. Does that sound gross? In my world bacon anything is a miracle. Mike's salmon sandwich was perfect. Every topping was super fresh and I almost wished I would have ordered it myself instead.

For dessert we shared cheesecake. To our surprise, Alexis went above and beyond for us in the topping department. I was expecting the cheesecake to be slid on a plate and just passed to us. Instead, he takes it back into the kitchen and tops it with a raspberry sauce, cranberries, and a honeycomb with the sweetest honey inside. Alexis- I am sorry for butchering that description. You said it with much more pizzazz.

Seriously guys, if you ever make your way to my neck of the woods (Chamblee) you have definitely got to try it. Alexis and his staff are very sweet! I hope you guys enjoy!


See? Delicious.