The Good, The Bad, The Money.


I've talked about money here before. I talk about it because I know for a fact that I am not the only previously single woman intimidated by money and the affects that it has on a relationship. I'm growing to understand that money makes everyone a little bit uncomfortable. I mean think about it. You may be embarrassed because you don't have enough, bashful because you have more than others, and there are so many other emotions in between.

Mike and I have our finances on one spreadsheet. ONE. And you know what, it wasn't hard. I didn't cry or breathe hard. I didn't flinch because it helped. Sometimes its hard to admit how much Mike (and other close loved ones) really impact my life. Not in a 'I can do it all alone' kind of way but in a 'Geez, why didn't I do that before' kind of way. Having Mike take all my expenses down was kind of liberating. I reckon* there are a few other people who could use that sense of freedom.

Another reason I like to share the not so comfortable parts, authenticity. It's real. My squeamishness about finances is about as real as it gets. But I'm getting better. I like documenting the progress. For myself but also for you. As an avid blog reader myself I get frustrated when all you see is the pretty parts. The ideal marriage, kids, life... And while its amazing and I get so sucked in to it, it's an image. I mean, who wants to show the vulnerable bits? 

I do. Not all the time but enough to bring me back down to Mars when my head gets a little to full. Enough to remind me of how Mike has helped me conquer some battles I've had. A virtual reality check if you please. With the amazing times definitely come some experiences to help you grow.


* Reckon = A world used in the south in place of 'I suppose'. A word that upon first hearing it caused Mike to look like a surprised five year old that just got a peek of his babysitter's butt. Equal parts 'what the heck' and interest.