Spodee Wine is a new favorite in the Team Ng household. While this is a far departure from the Fit Friday posts we started last week we couldn't wait any longer to share this amazing company and an amazing chocolate treat! Spodee Wine is for the brave at heart. As a country girl who may have tried moonshine a time or two, Spodee fills that need for a drink with a kick! It's rich, chocolatey, and very smooth. I've snuck a couple sips right out of the bottle because it's that good.

About two weeks ago Spodee reached out and asked if we would like to try it out first hand. I pretty much danced around the house and then sent back a resounding yes. A few days later and we had two bottles of pure deliciousness. While I love cocktails, I wanted to push the boundaries of what to make with the wine. Their website offers recipes that range from punch to cream puffs and is a great place to get your mouth watering!

Mike and I decided we would give chocolate cake a try. While I am by no means a professional baker, these cupcakes had me considering a career change. They were that easy to make. We followed the recipe below but instead of using a cake pan we poured our batter into cupcake cups. And for a side, vanilla bean ice cream. It was a match made in taste bud heaven. Take a look at how our cupcakes turned out and go grab a bottle for yourself! You won't regret it. I'm already planning what I'm going to cook with it next!

Credit:  Spodee Wine

Credit: Spodee Wine

*This is a sponsored post by Spodee Wine but the opinions are all my own.