NG Eats: King of Pops, Atlanta, GA

King of Pops are one of my favorite sweet treats. Desserts are definitely my favorite part of any meal and King of Pops makes it easy to give my sweet tooth a fix without packing on the pounds. A lot of the pops are under 100 calories but believe me when I say they are not lacking in flavor. My favorite is the Raspberry Lime (45 cals!) and its equal parts thirst quenching, fresh, and addicting. Each pop is made from fresh ingredients and it makes all the difference. Instead of the slow sluggish feeling you get after devouring some sugary sweets these pops actually leave me feeling perky. And not sugar high perky, but the good buzz you get from eating something organic and good for you (or at least better for you than a huge cheesecake).

My first encounter with King of Pops pops was at a festival in Piedmont Park. Let me tell you, few things are better than a popsicle on a hot Atlanta day. Life got even better when the store attached to our condo started selling them. My addiction grew a little deeper. Sadly, that business has closed so Mike and I decided to venture to their Corner location to get our fix.

They serve the pops out of the sweetest little window. I varied slightly from my usual pop and tried Cranberry Lime (so adventurous - I know!) and Mike went with the Blood Orange. Both were equally delicious. It was a nice little day date and we are fans for life. Matter of fact, they are playing a part in a pretty important day for us in the future. Talk about best day ever.

If you want to get your own King of Pops Pop you can find them here:

The Corner - 2pm - 8pm - 1079 North Avenue, Atlanta GA 30307

You can learn about all the pops and where else to find them here.

* This post was not sponsored by King of Pops, we just love them that much.