With our wedding day almost 100 days away Mike and I are both trying our hardest to get in shape. For the wedding but for life after it as well. Who am I kidding, mostly for the honeymoon. We're going to Europe and I am determined to look summer time fine. We wake up every morning and head to our local gym. Some times we go our separate ways, Mike working with weights and I taking an Aqua Fit class. Other days we work together and I join him. I wish I could say this has already become habit for me. While it's beginning to become routine, Mike is still a big part of what motivates me. It's been fun to work towards getting fit together.

While the gym is a daily part of our routine sometimes we like to get out and walk around our neighborhood or on a nearby trail. As we were walking today we decided we would start Fit Fridays. A post dedicated to one way we are making our lifestyle changes. It's not always easy but it's definitely better together. Today's post is centered around our walk on a nearby trail. We walked about five miles (and even stopped in to see a model home that we fell in love with). It's a great time for us to laugh and talk while getting some exercise in.


We had a great time and rewarded ourselves with Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. So good!