Becoming Polished.

Photo by  Tii Calloway .

Photo by Tii Calloway.

I was told before Mike and I got engaged to expect things to get uncomfortable when planning for and growing into a marriage. Let me explain. I was told that marriage has a way of bringing to the forefront the conversations that need to be had that tend to be shied away from. That in order to grow and become polished as a couple you will certainly face times where you are being emotionally scrubbed, sanded, and cleaned. I must admit that with each stage of our journey we approach we are pushed to expand and contract and get to know each other a little bit more. We're learning to communicate in different ways. With the wedding quickly approaching (under 140 days left!) we are quickly learning how to articulate our wants and not only to each other but to our families and friends. It's molding me. I love the things we are learning about us during this season.