What They Don't Tell You About Being Pregnant v.2

You will melt (& believe it) when your husband calls you hot.

Let me kick this off by saying you should always believe it when your special person calls you hot or cat calls from the couch. But as women, who may or may not have secret beauty battles within of our own creation, we know that that is not always the case. In fact, your first thought may be that he doesn’t think you’re hot at all it’s just been a while since you paid him attention and this is the most polite way that he can subtlety remind you that it’s a little overdue.

All of those internal dialogues aside, something shifts ever so slightly in the right direction when you get pregnant. Maybe it’s that you start to lose the guilt of being slightly pudgy for no reason. Suddenly that extra insulation is a bright glowing sign in your eyes that sweetly says (in a voice similar to Barry White’s), “Hey girl. Look at you growing that baby. All healthy and stuff”. I started to notice that I would hop out of the shower, walk pass the mirror, and admire this new body in admiration of the life it was growing.

I feel like I actually put more effort into date night ensembles and will often walk past the husband for the occasional ‘yeah, my baby mama looks hot’ love taps on the butt. There’s just something liberating about being able to wear something form fitting and feeling sexy without having to constantly suck it in.  Maybe it’s just our hormonal minds playing tricks on us but the extra bode of confidence while your jeans can no longer zip is definitely welcomed. 

Bonus: Dean, this picture was taken on my 26th birthday after having dinner with your dad and grandfather (my dad). You were only about 2 months and like always we had to keep on your grandfather to get some time nailed down (he's a very elusive man sometimes). I have a feeling he'll be easier to find once you get here! We had told him before dinner because your dad could no longer hold it in. Your grandfather has never been the one to scream and shout when he's happy but I can definitely say I saw it all over his face. It was the best birthday ever.