Dear Baby: Dec 25

Dear Baby: Dec 25

Friday's are usually reserved for 'What they don't tell you about being pregnant' posts but this week we are making an adjustment for a very special post. Christmas morning I woke up to the sweetest message from my husband to our son that left me in tears. Since I have some letters to Dean here I had to add this one from his dad. I never want to forget these words. Ever. 

Btw I wrote Dean a note not sure if it's good but just want to let him know I am thinking about him.

Hi Dean,

I just wanted to write you to tell you that you are so loved! Me and your mom just love you so very much. You started kicking us and letting us know you are there and apparently when we are going to sleep you really want to kick and move around! You obviously are our child. I say this because right before we are tired or about to go to sleep me and your mom both get a rush of energy before tucking it in like you! But I just want to say it's Christmas and we can't wait to hold you. Last thing, you are coming into this world with a lot of love and support. Every family member and friend are just so excited to hold and play with you. Dean Michael Ng you are pretty much a celebrity/famous person! But I just wanted to write you a little note just to tell you how I feel and how excited we are to be blessed to have you as our son. We love you so much now and forever!