If we get the date we have in our minds, I am less than seven months away from being this man’s wife. That’s a heavy sentence. The thought, well it’s a reality now, of Mike being my family is so overwhelmingly amazing I often get caught up in thankfulness. We went whale watching in San Diego yesterday and the whole time I must have whispered to him ‘we are so blessed’ at least thirty times. I pray that when challenges arise I’m reminded of times I’ve held his hand and he’s told me how beautiful I am. Or the times he’s let me cry on his shoulder and wrapped me in his arms so sweetly. Truth is I write these posts, not to romanticize our relationship (we don’t live a 24/7 fairytale), but to document the overwhelming joy he brings me as I’m falling in love with him more and more each day. I never want to forget what being in love with him feels like.

PS: We haven’t forgot about sharing our engagement story! And, this blog might even start giving you little peeks into our wedding planning process. SIX MONTHS!