One Thing / 8.


Protection. I think this word takes form in so many ways in the life of women. From conception we're safe from harm protected by our mothers. As we experience first heartbreak our fathers are there to wrap their arms around us and welcome us back into their safety. We grow and mature and finally we find the one. I have never felt so protected in my life.

2013 was definitely a year of putting my faith in God and watching how His protection will cover me and those I love. Mike is definitely God sent. He's so protective of my feelings, my sensitivities, and my heart. He supports, leads, and guides this little unit of ours and I couldn't ask for anything more.

I also take protecting his heart very seriously as well. Truth be told that idea once freaked me out. I ran. Scared of facing God's truth for my life. That I deserved to be loved like I'd never been before. That I was not only capable but could succeed in providing someone with that same love. I don't think responsibility ever felt this good. Mike's heart fits perfectly within mine.