One Thing / 5.


OTW brought to you by Mike for the first time!  I just want to say, “Nothing is like coming home to see my family.”  This time it was even more special cause there is a new member to the Ng clan.  It was great to get Kia around my father’s side of the family.  It just feels nice to collide all the worlds to create “Megatron” or our family.  So looking forward to the wedding where all the worlds will officially collide just makes me even happier.  Having everyone there really made me deeply think about family and the future with Kia.  Having family is great and to have everyone there to laugh and love each other just makes me feel like I am one of the luckiest individuals in the world.  Things will always happen in life but being there for family will always hold true and keep you grounded.  I am so excited to add all the families together and continue the love and support now from coast to coast.  I just want this OTW to reflect on family and how we will always continue to support and guide each other as a unit.


PS: Happy New Year! We pray that 2014 brings you all you've ever hoped for.