Two to three times every year on the first Thursday of the month one of our favorite areas, The Bishop Arts District in Dallas, has a wine walk.  This was completely new to us because we usually just go for the food. We have a few stores that we visit but it's usually an in and out kind of party with food being the main attraction. I saw a commercial about wine walk and we decided that would be on our agenda for the night. I'll go into more about wine walk in a later post but the premise is, you walk around Bishop Arts and participating stores give you wine as you browse and try not to buy everything while getting buzzed. At least, that was our strategy.

That strategy however was thrown off as soon as we walked into Home on Bishop. During our adventures in Bishop Arts we had never passed Home on Bishop but I could tell I was in for a treat when Cody and Ken greeted us with what was the best wine we had all night (we even went back for seconds). For starters the store is so beautifully curated. It's like a mini version of your dream home. There are couches with perfect pillows, lighting you only see on Pinterest, and clothes that make your current wardrobe jealous (for the ladies).

I was immediately drawn to the bracelets that are pictured below. The Cody and Ken informed us that they were hand crafted by Rebecca Ramos who is a local artist and makes a look of over beautiful pieces in the store. The store was the perfect mix of high end and affordable pieces. I'm already thinking of ways to bribe Cody and Ken to be the interior designers for my home after the condo. Their space is that gorgeous.

If you are in the Dallas area and looking for unique home pieces or need a place to gather inspiration I suggest you run down to Home on Bishop now. You wont regret it. You can visit them online at Home on Bishop or their store front at 502 N. Bishop Ave. in Dallas.