And Then We Walked.


So there is a lake. And there is a smart guy who shall remain unnamed that said, "Baby, let's get up and walk around a lake"! Famous last suggestion. Nine miles around a lake sounds like a great idea until you are six miles around said lake. At that moment six miles seems like a death sentence. I am disappointed to announce that I had to beg for mercy around mile six and a half. I sat on a little wooden peg and it felt like the peg was sinking into the ground. That's when I figured it was time to call it quits. Mike had to run back to the car and then come back in pick me up. Not a proud moment of mine but I still got rewarded with Jamba Juice. That's a good man. 


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention we took a break to carve a tree. With a key. Not our finest moment as I slipped and cut the heart through his well carved 'A' initial but still romantic. Or, as romantic as standing in 103 degree heat after walking three miles and carving a tree can be. A sexy moment nonetheless.