When I blogged over on CakedCulture a lot of it was just about fashion. Buying new things to stay on top of what everyone else is wearing. It's exhausting. Fashion bloggers like to put on heirs like they are doing it all for self but there's a sense of pride in knowing you have what others have and a tingling in your heart when you have something they don't. It's human nature. I'm not judging because I was guilty of it too. I still love fashion just not in the sense that I did before. I definitely go out and buy new things but now it's for feeling good about myself, or looking cute for Mike, or a Backstreet Boys concert. Totally different.

These days my clothes are mostly casual. Jeans, t-shirts, and maxi dresses. I like documenting outfits still though because it's a great way to see yourself evolve. For example, polka dots, stripes, and tall socks might not happen again in the near future. I can't wait to see how Mike and I evolve together as a couple. Will his style get more bright and mine a little more neutral? I'm excited to see.

After a day of antiquing and all you can eat sushi we wondered around Mike's neighborhood until we found this wall. One wall, with art that suited us both pretty well.  


On the Mister: 

  • Shirt: Southern Utah University
  • Jeans: Levi's
  • Shoes: New Balance

On me: 

  • Dress: Alternative Earth
  • Jacket: Gap (thrifted) 
  • Shoes: Converse
  • Bracelets: Alex & Ani