Lindsey & Dan 4Ever.


I know this blog is usually just about me and the Mister but one of my best friends got married and this blog is about to get photo bombed. Mike and I traveled up there and couldn't have had a better weekend celebrating with friends. Some of Lindsey's family had met me but let me tell you, they welcomed me and Mike in like we have been there from the start and I love them so much for it! Truly amazing people.  


Wow. Just wow! Benz (as I so lovingly call her) has always been gorgeous since I've known her. But seeing her in her wedding gown blew my mind in an amazing way. She was drop dead gorgeous and I couldn't have been more excited to be there supporting her on this day. And the cutie next to her is her best friend Kim! She's the sweetest friend and I'm glad to have her in my life now too!


This girl and this dog are inseparable. Ziggy is such a chill dude and we've formed quite the relationship ourselves over the years. I had a dog. He hated it. He puts his butt on me or in my face at all times. I hate it. But we get each other and that's what counts! He was tried to do everything in his power to stay with momma on her big day.


This man and his huge heart. He followed me to the mountains to help me celebrate. Made new friends with me and had a great time the whole weekend. He helped lug chairs from the ceremony to the reception and made one quite handsome pinwheel holder if I must say so myself. I'm just a little bit biased though.


I had a normal picture to go with Mike's I swear but this one just seemed more fitting. You can read that as mine looked a hot mess. However, the images below are beautiful!


I absolutely adore my Benz. I love Dan for her. He's so caring and is always thinking of her first. It has been the sweetest thing to witness and being with them to tie the knot was amazing. I love you both. So very, very much!