Georgia Aquarium: I'll Always Dolphin'd You.

Let's just put this out there, I completely crack myself up. Defend. Dolphin'd. Get it? Back to the topic at hand. The last time the Mister came to Atlanta we got a City Pass. To anyone who is coming in town and wanting to be a tourist (or if you're from here and want to play tourist) I definitely recommend getting a City Pass. For $74 you get access to all the big tourist spots. This included The Georgia Aquarium, The World of Coke, CNN Tour, Zoo Atlanta or The Atlanta History Center, and Fernbank Museum of Natural History or the High Museum of Art. It's such a good deal and you get 9 days to fit everything that you can in. Mike and I made it to the aquarium, the zoo, and The World of Coca-Cola. Out of the three, we definitely enjoyed the aquarium the most but also went to a Brave's game which should totally be included into the city pass experience! Here are some of the favorite shots from the aquarium!


City Pass-04061.jpg
City Pass-04021.jpg
City Pass-04015.jpg
City Pass-04034.jpg
City Pass-04052.jpg
City Pass-04056.jpg