Here's To Love.

Hi Guys! It's Kia René and I will most likely always be the voice of this here blog. I used to blog over at CakedCulture but as of late I'm really not all that into it. Parts of it seem artificial now-a-days so I'm leaving it be for now. Through this soul searching I decided it would be cool to surprise the Mister with a blog about us. I'm all about memories and since the Mister and I have decided to choose each other I figured I'd start this place to document all of our adventures sprinkled with some other fun stuff. It's about to get awesome!

Just thought about it, some of you are probably new here all together! So whether you're a friend of mine or the Mister you now belong to both of us! So to catch you up to speed this is us. 


So let's start with some fun facts! 

  • He's a 49er's fan and she's a Falcon's fan. They went to the playoff game together this past season (with her dad, the first time the mister and he met), and the 49er's won. Her dad was a good loser and even trash talked a rapper in the process. 
  • She had one too many Wicky's (a super strong drink made near the campus of UC Davis where he went to school) and was a little intoxicated when she first met his family. 
  • Their "thing" is staying at a Bed & Breakfast's where ever they go. 
  • Together they have been to: San Francisco, D.C., San Diego, New York City, Atlanta, Dallas, Raleigh, Vegas, and a few small towns.

That's just the start of the list! Trust me, it gets better. Hang out with us.