I love Alanta and I know we have a lot of good things to eat here but I sometimes find myself getting jealous of all the good places to feast on in Dallas. Emporium Pies falls under those times. Seriously, the best apple pie I have eaten in a long time and as a southern girl that's saying a lot. The shop itself it cute and intimate with a few tables and chairs and fresh flowers. The pies are on display which drives the anticipation to a whole other level while you wait for the bakers to plate and bring your slice to you. We had ours al la mode the last time we went in and I swear if I squeeze my eyes shut tight enough I can still taste the perfection. Too much? Well it was that good. If you're in Dallas you should run there, now!


Um, hello?! Who could ever say no to that face. His mom had to be fierce because that laugh melts my heart a thousand times over. All the time.