During the trip to PA for my best friends wedding we had a little down time apart from wedding activities to go explore. We decided on Penns Cavern in Central Hall, PA. It was about 30 minute drive from the hotel we were staying in but it was so worth it. Neither of us had been in a cavern before and I love getting to experience firsts together. For starters, you walk down into the side of a mountain and get in a little boat. Then a guide shows your around in side the cavern and points out different formations that apparently look like different super stars and everyone stares around blankly. You have to have an imagination to see a boy riding a horse in a rock formation but that's what makes it fun. I definitely want to explore more caves and caverns now!


So as far as the caverns go, I enjoyed it. If you're planning a family vacation I wouldn't destroy your kids dreams of going to Disney over it but if you're in the area I definitely think it's worth going to see!