NG Eats: Sticky Bun Cafe, Yeagertown, PA


If there's one thing I love about small towns it's that you are bound to find that one little restaurant that does things really right. On a trip to Pennsylvania to be in one of my best friends weddings, that one little restaurant was Sticky Bun Cafe. We needed to grab a quick breakfast and this quaint little restaurant popped up on my phone so we went with it. Starting the day with a sticky bun was a treat.  It's kind of like eating dessert before dinner or breakfast for dinner. There's just a little magic that happens when you do. We also ordered their "mess". The mess is a plate of potatoes, bacon, eggs, peppers, sausage, ham, and lots of cheese! It was so filling and provided a pretty good boost for journeying to Penn's Cavern later that day. Side note: We should have known it was going to be good when we were surrounded by seniors feasting away!