NG Eats: All Good Cafe, Dallas, TX


Mike recently moved to Deep Ellum, a popular "urban" neighborhood in Dallas and I love it. I fit in pretty well there. Tattoos, vintage stores, and lots of great places to eat! It's definitely a good place to live. We're still exploring all of the places to eat in the area but All Good Cafe has become one of our favorites. One word; bacon. Their bacon is thick sliced and melt in your mouth good.  Their bacon is definitely one of my favorite thing to eat in Dallas so far. The pancakes definitely take second for what I love to eat here. THey are perfectly fluffy. On this day, Mike had the huevos rancheros and I had chicken fried steak. Also, very good but if you go, I'd go for the classic pancakes and bacon combo. It won't let you down! What will let you down is seeing Bill Bellamy at the table next to you and not telling him his show Mr. Box Office needs some work. Seriously.