One Thing / 1.


I've been thinking of a way to share the thoughts I have that aren't big enough for a blog post of their own. You know, those little moments that get lost in the shuffle of things. I've decided to start One Thing Wednesday where I will share, you guessed it, one thing. One prayer, one thought, one moment I don't want to forget. I haven't even shared this whole idea with Mike but I know he'll be down (and maybe we can get him to write a few too)!

This OTW (One Thing Wednesday) was on my heart as I dropped Mike off to head back to Texas yesterday. Goodbye has been a part of our relationship since the beginning. Even as just friends after our work trips came to an end to now with him living in Dallas, Tx and I in Atlanta, Ga. One thing I can say that has been consistent from the start is that it always sucks.

I was in my usual moping mood when I walked away from the airport security line and this one prayer entered my mind.

Lord, I pray that goodbye never gets easier.

While in theory I would love if one of us could leave for however long and the other could feel no sadness, I never want it to be easy to let go. To be clear, I don't mean the necessary time alone with best friends, or running to get pick up from a restaurant nearby. We all need alone time. I just want to remain so in love with him that any time apart feels, different.

So there's my one thing. I think I'm going to look forward to writing these.