One Thing / 2.


This OTW is brought to you by a conversation with a friend and a separate one with Mike. And actually, it came up in conversation with a different friend this week as well. I guess my peers are getting to the age of learning/wanting to share what defines relationships and what is needed to maintain them. The topic at hand in all of those conversations was what it means to really be naked.

On first thought I'm sure you're thinking taking your clothes off is what makes you naked and you're right. For some, being naked and sexual intimacy is as bare as it gets. We all have something that makes it feel like we're flashing the world if it's brought up. Mine happened this week.

For me, it was discussing finances. I am still anxious about the day that Mike and I combine both of our bills and debts into one spreadsheet. For me that's naked. More naked than anything else. I feel like it takes you right to the ugly parts. The parts you keep to yourself. Luckily for me, Mike saw my nakedness and took it in stride. Such a good man.

For others, naked might be introducing their significant other to their parents or sharing a secret that they hold close for whatever reason. Have you felt naked lately? Did you feel better afterward? I know I did!