THANKFUL!!!  This is the first time I am writing on the blog and writing about being thankful on Thanksgiving is easy.  I am so thankful that this woman is holding my hand and deciding to be my girlfriend and my partner.  I am truly blessed and thankful that Kia has came into my life and changed it forever.  She is the reason I get up and work hard everyday and is truly my shining light and I am just truly happy and thankful.  This is our first Thanksgiving together and I am looking forward to a 100 more!  And I want to hold Kia's hand forever and a day!

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Kia here. Oh boy, I almost cried reading that. Not bad for a first post eh? I'll try to keep it light so we're not all crying. I am definitely thankful for Mike. I've expressed that a million times over on this blog. To extend it outward, I am thankful for both of our families. I have never been welcomed and treated with more love than his family shows me. I have also never seen my family open their hearts so big to accommodate this love of mine. I'm thankful for our friends that encourage and support us as well. Happy Thanksgiving folks, we love you.